How Addicted To Chocolate began...

When looking for a business to stimulate our brains, Chocolate was the obvious answer for two people Addicted To Chocolate. Starting our very own business from scratch in 2015 was very daunting and a steep learning curve but, we are self-taught and very proud of what we have achieved over the years.

Addicted To Chocolate is passionately owned by Karen and Terry. We are both long time employees with over 25 years’ experience each of a large company in Adelaide. When things start to get stale in your job, you go looking elsewhere. Love to travel, have seen parts of the world, only our friends can dream about. Of course, we walk into every Chocolate/Lolly shop we walk past to see what they have to tempt our taste buds.

Sourcing our own suppliers is half the fun. Our stipulation is ‘must be Australian Made’ and we love supporting other small businesses. We are very fussy when it comes to quality, presentation and food safety. Presentation is what first catches people’s eye. If the packaging is amazing and the customer can see the internal product quality, we have started to win them over. My favourite is when we offer a customer a taste test and the response is ‘I’m good, I can see they are good quality’. It gives you warm fuzzies when you get a compliment like this. 

Rarely it happens, but if the Addicted To Chocolate quality standards are compromised from our suppliers, we as a small business question this? In saying that, nearly all our suppliers since starting, have been very obliging when it comes to constructive criticism. All small businesses want to support and look out for each other, including our business. 

Let’s face it, they are all ‘best sellers’ in our range but we believe we have sourced some of the best Rocky Road Australia has to offer, our Nougat has a consistency full of fruits and nuts, not too hard, not too soft. Thick Chocolate covered Raspberries as well as Chocolate with a generous covering of Speckles are very popular just to name a few, but our Fudge has been one of the success stories when it comes to working with our supplier – Two small businesses wanting to succeed in this tough Adelaide Market.

Thanks for taking the time to support Addicted To Chocolate and know from the bottom of our hearts, it means the world to us, we don’t want to be rich and famous, we just want to meet great people whose tastebuds deserve to be spoiled with quality Chocolate and Confectionery occasionally or often (depending on your Chocolate Addiction).