Our story of how Addicted to Chocolate began...

Addicted to Chocolate is passionately owned and operated by Karen and Terry since 2015.

Leading up to that time, our full-time jobs were uncertain as the company was undergoing difficulties, so we sat down to discuss and research our next step.

After much discussion, we decided to start a business. It has been a very steep learning curve. Choosing the right name, so many suggestions but nothing fitted. Then one day, Addicted To Chocolate popped into Karen’s head. We found it!

Welcome to Addicted to Chocolate!A local artist designed the logo for Karen. All she wanted was a piece of Chocolate with legs. The look of the business was now starting to take shape. Again, a steep learning curve as we both had no idea how to run a business. Six years later and we are so proud of what we have built and how far we have come. Addicted To Chocolate is well respected within the local Adelaide Market community. Karen takes one day at a time and always has a long-term goal she wants to achieve for each financial year

Karen & Terry Beeby, Owners and Operators of Addicted to Chocolate
We’ve been married since 2002, no kids but love our 6 Siamese Cats. In our time together, we have travelled and experienced life together around Australia, NZ, USA and Canada. Any excuse for a holiday!

Why chocolate?

We both have a sweet tooth and have a passion for good quality, tasty Chocolate. As we have grown, our business is continuously looking for that next favourite Chocolate that stands out as being something that we would like to share. Try our Rocky Road, you’ll see what we mean!

We have never looked back, now stocking some of Australia’s best Chocolate, Fudge Lovers,  Mondo Nougat and Brittle. This also incorporates Gluten Free, Dairy Free, No Added Sugar and Vegan Friendly which has a following.

Initially it was Markets and Parties but over time we have gone away from Parties. Now we have a great following at Adelaide Markets, Parties are back on the horizon again.

We are always looking for great Australian Companies to join our range. We love promoting our business as well as those other Australian Confectionery Companies. Currently our products are sourced from Adelaide, New South Wales, Victoria and Perth


Thanks to those who have already supported our small business and want to welcome all the newbies who are about to experience our wonderful products.

Karen and Terry Beeby - Addicted to Chocolate Owners